Furnace & AC Repair

Super Flame Gas offers central air conditioner and furnace service and repair.   Service Technician Chris Warrick is ready to help you keep your unit operating as efficiently as possible. Even the best cooling equipment can cause problems if not maintained.

Older units need checkups for obvious reason.   A new unit, on the other hand, has integrated circuits and sensors which need to be inspected to ensure safe, efficient operation. Maintenance costs now mean energy savings later.

Don’t wait until the hottest day of the year.   Call Super Flame Gas and schedule an appointment.   Receive a $10.00 discount for all appointments placed before June 27th.

Safety Tip

If you smell gas, follow these steps!

  • First: Put out smoking materials & other flames.  Don’t operate lights, appliances, telephones or cell phones.
  • Second:  Leave the area where you think the smell is coming from immediately.
  • Third: Turn off the main gas supply valve if it’s wise to do so.  Valves usually have a spigot-type round handle which turns clockwise.
  • Fourth:  Report the leak!  Get away from the area first.  Call our office number 252-446-6188 and await our answer machine message informing you of our on-call personnel.  In event of a fire or a gas leak that you would deem dangerous, please call 911.
  • Fifth:  Do not re-enter the area until Super Flame’s service personnel certify the area is safe.
  • Sixth:  Get any leaks repaired, check your entire system to ensure it’s leak-free, and have certified personnel relight pilots.

Not sure you can smell propane?  Call us and we’ll send you a scratch-and-sniff brochure.

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