Summer Grilling

It’s Grilling Season!  Get ready for summer barbecues with a gas grill powered by Super Flame Gas bottled propane.  Gas grilling offers several advantages over charcoal, such as easy push button start for immediate heat.  Gas grills offer a consistent controlled heat, so you can get that steak just the way you like it.

We are a proud carrier of the Buck Grill.  Buck Grills has a stainless steel cooking grid, drip pan assembly, and smoker tray.  And it features a 24,000 BTU Stainless Steel Double Burner.  Modeled after previous grills which cook indirectly with a drip pan between the burner and cooking surface, the Buck Grill has dual controls allowing you to sear food on one side of the grill while simultaneously browning or warming on the other side.  Stop by and check it out for yourself!

Don’t run out of gas.  Let us fill your propane cylinders.  See details under Portable Tank Refills to learn more about how our refilling services offer you a better value over traditional exchange programs.

Summer Grilling Safety  A lot of safety awareness during the grilling season is common sense, yet people have accidents because they don’t think.  When grilling, always BE IN CONTROL!  Be in control of yourself by having a clear head (alcohol and propane don’t mix!).  Be in control of the environment by not allowing children or others to play or work near the cooking area.  Be in control of your grill by putting it together properly, following directions for lighting, and being present while you’re cooking.  Have fun grilling this summer.  Just remember to BE IN CONTROL.

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